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Alexiteric alexiterical
Alexiteric alexiterical: Resisting poison obviating the effects of venom alexipharmic.
Algebraic algebraical
Algebraic algebraical: Of or pertaining to algebra containing an operation ofalgebra, or deduced from such operation as, algebraic characters Algebraical writings. Algeb
Alhambraic alhambresque
Alhambraic alhambresque: Made or decorated after the fanciful style of the ornamentationin the Alhambra, which affords an unusually fine exhibition ofSaracenic or Arabesq
Alienated himself from his family
Alienated himself from his family: Estranged or distanced himself from his relatives
Aliethmoid aliethmoidal
Aliethmoid aliethmoidal: Pertaining to expansions of the ethmoid bone or
Alisphenoid alisphenoidal
Alisphenoid alisphenoidal: Pertaining to or forming the wing of the sphenoid relating toa bone in the base of the skull, which in the adult is oftenconsolidated with the
Alkalescence alkalescency
Alkalescence alkalescency: A tendency to become alkaline or the state of a substance inwhich alkaline properties begin to be developed, or to predominant.Ure.
All around observation
All around observation: Circumferential observation, vantage point from which the entire surrounding area can be seen
All good things must end
All good things must end: Everything has an ending, not every day is a holiday
All is fair in love and war
All is fair in love and war: In love and war there are no rules, anything is legal in love and war
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