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A hundred to one chance
A hundred to one chance: Very little likelihood, very little chance
A hungry man is an angry man
A hungry man is an angry man: One who does not get what he needs is a frustrated person and will be provoked to rage very easily
A little bird told me
A little bird told me: Someone told me but I dont want to reveal their name
A little kindness goes a long way
A little kindness goes a long way: Small amount of kindness is greatly felt, it pays to be kind
A little over my head
A little over my head: A bit too big for me, a bit too much for me (of an issue, idea, etc.)
A new leaf was turned over
A new leaf was turned over: A new page was opened, someone made a drastic and positive change in his life
A penny saved is a penny gained
A penny saved is a penny gained: By economizing a person can save up
A priori and a posteriori
A priori and a posteriori: How or on what basis a proposition might become known
A quarrel of long standing
A quarrel of long standing: Very old quarrel, long-standing dispute
A state of emergency was proclaimed
A state of emergency was proclaimed: Governmental proclamation as a response to a large-scale disaster
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