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All the world and his wife
All the world and his wife: Everybody without exception, the entire world
All things considered
All things considered: Having given thought to all of the issues, after consideration of the facts
All-round competition
All-round competition: Gymnastics competition which includes every event
Alleghenian alleghanian
Alleghenian alleghanian: Pertaining to or designating the humid division of theTransition zone extending across the northern United States from NewEngland to eastern Dako
Allegoric allegorical
Allegoric allegorical: Belonging to, or consisting of, allegory of the nature of anallegory describing by resemblances figurative. "An allegorictale." Falconer. "An alleg
Allergic to penicillin
Allergic to penicillin: One who has an allergic reaction to penicillin
Alleviating circumstances
Alleviating circumstances: Circumstances that reduce the severity of an action (Law)
Allineation alineeation
Allineation alineeation: Alignment position in a straight line, as of two planets withthe sun. Whewell.The allineation of the two planets. C. A. Young.
Allocation of debits and credits
Allocation of debits and credits: Recording of the transactions in the account of a customer
Allophylic allophylian
Allophylic allophylian: Pertaining to a race or a language neither Aryan nor Semitic.J. Prichard.
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