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Allotropism allotropy
Allotropism allotropy: The property of existing in two or more conditions which aredistinct in their physical or chemical relations.Note: Thus, carbon occurs crystallized
Allowance of the claim
Allowance of the claim: Recognize a claim, accept a claim as true (Law)
Alls well that ends well
Alls well that ends well: The scenario has come to a happy ending
Alphabetic alphabetical
Alphabetic alphabetical: Pertaining to, furnished with, expressed by, or in the order of,the letters of the alphabet as, alphabetic characters, writing,languages, arrange
Alternative accommodation
Alternative accommodation: Other living quarters, another place to stay
Alternative dispute resolution
Alternative dispute resolution: ADR, method of conflict resolution which involves intervention by a third party mediator and strives to find an agreeable solution for bo
Alternative education
Alternative education: Nontraditional education, teaching methods that are based on new or non-standard educational philosophy
Alternative energy source
Alternative energy source: Sources of energy other than the standard ones (such as solar, hydro-electric, etc.)
Alternatively to alternative
Alternatively to alternative: Third alternative, as an alternative to an alternative claim
Alum schist alum shale
Alum schist alum shale: A variety of shale or clay slate, containing iron pyrites, thedecomposition of which leads to the formation of alum, which ofteneffloresces on the
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