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Aluminum-frame window
Aluminum-frame window: Window which has a frame made of aluminum (light and strong metal which does not rust)
Always on the lookout
Always on the lookout: Always watchful, constantly cautious, always aware
Am I my brothers keeper?
Am I my brothers keeper?: Words which symbolize unwillingness to accept responsibility for the welfare of others (said by Cain after killing his brother Abel)
Amalgamate amalgamated
Amalgamate amalgamated: Coalesced united combined.
Amaryllidaceous amaryllideous
Amaryllidaceous amaryllideous: Of, pertaining to, or resembling, an order of plants differingfrom the lily family chiefly in having the ovary below the
Amazonite amazon stone
Amazonite amazon stone: A circuit a winding. Hence: Circuitous way or proceeding Quibble circumlocution indirect mode of speech.After many ambages, perspicuously define
Ambassador embassador
Ambassador embassador: A minister of the highest rank sent a foreign court to representthere his sovereign or country.Note: Ambassador are either ordinary [or resident] o
Amendment of the constitution
Amendment of the constitution: Change made to the laws of the Constitution
American protective association
American protective association: A secret organization in the United States, formed in Iowa in1887, ostensibly for the protection of American institutions bykeeping Roman
Ametabolic ametabolous
Ametabolic ametabolous: Not undergoing any metamorphosis as, ametabolic insects.
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