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Ammoniac gum ammoniac
Ammoniac gum ammoniac: The concrete juice (gum resin) of an umbelliferous plant, theDorema ammoniacum. It is brought chiefly from Persia in the form ofyellowish tears, wh
Ammoniacal fermentation
Ammoniacal fermentation: Any fermentation process by which ammonia is formed, as that bywhich urea is converted into ammonium carbonate when urine is exposedto the air.
Amnesty international
Amnesty international: International human rights organization
Amortise amortisation amortisable amortisement
Amortise amortisation amortisable amortisement: Same as Amortize, Amortization, etc.
Amortization schedule
Amortization schedule: Schedule detailing rate of repayment of a loan
Amount of precipitation
Amount of precipitation: Amount of rain which has fallen in a given period of time
Ampere hour ampere minute ampere second
Ampere hour ampere minute ampere second: The quantity of electricity delivered in one hour by a currentwhose average strength is one amp?re. It is used as a unit ofquanti
Amperemeter amperometer
Amperemeter amperometer: An instrument for measuring the strength of an electricalcurrent in amp?res.
Amphicarpic amphicarpous
Amphicarpic amphicarpous: Producing fruit of two kinds, either as to form or time ofripening.
Amphicoelian amphicoelous
Amphicoelian amphicoelous: A kind of figured stone, rugged and beset with eminences,anciently used in divination. [Obs.] Encyc. Brit.
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