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And here are the main points
And here are the main points: And here are todays top stories/headlines (said at the opening of the telecast before the actual news is broadcast)
And thats the way it was
And thats the way it was: And thats what happened, and thats what it was like
And the wolf shall dwell with the lamb
And the wolf shall dwell with the lamb: There will be peace even between the fiercest of enemies (Biblical prophecy)
Androdioecious androdiecious
Androdioecious androdiecious: The stamens of a flower taken collectively.
Androgynous androgynal
Androgynous androgynal: Uniting both sexes in one, or having the characteristics of both Being in nature both male and female hermaphroditic. Owen.The truth is, a great
Androgyny androgynism
Androgyny androgynism: Union of both sexes in one individual hermaphroditism.
Anecdotic anecdotical
Anecdotic anecdotical: Pertaining to, consisting of, or addicted to, anecdotes."Anecdotical traditions." Bolingbroke.
Anencephalic anencephalous
Anencephalic anencephalous: Without a brain brainless. Todd & B.
Angle of intersection
Angle of intersection: Angle at which two things cross one another
Animal experimentation
Animal experimentation: Testing on animals, performing scientific trials on animals
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