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Anoplothere anoplotherium
Anoplothere anoplotherium: A genus of extinct quadrupeds of the order Ungulata, whose werefirst found in the gypsum quarries near Paris characterized by theshortness and
Another interpretation
Another interpretation: Alternative explanation, alternative reading, other commentary
Another telephone line
Another telephone line: Extra telephone line, additional telephone service
Answer the description
Answer the description: Fit a description, match the details of a description
Answer to a description
Answer to a description: Fit a description, match the details of a description
Antagonistic antagonistical
Antagonistic antagonistical: Opposing in combat, combating contending or acting against As, antagonistic forces. An*tag`o*nis"tic*al*ly, adv.They were distinct, adverse,
Antalkali antalkaline
Antalkali antalkaline: Anything that neutralizes, or that counteracts an alkalinetendency in the system. Hoopplw.
Antarchistic antarchistical
Antarchistic antarchistical: Opposed to all human government. [R.]
Antepenult antepenultima
Antepenult antepenultima: Of or pertaining to the last syllable but two. n. The antepenult.
Antherozoid antherozooid
Antherozoid antherozooid: One of the mobile male reproductive bodies in the antheridia ofcryptogams.
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