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Anthropic anthropical
Anthropic anthropical: Like or related to man human. [R.] Owen.
Anthropologic anthropological
Anthropologic anthropological: Pertaining to anthropology belonging to the nature of man."Anthropologic wisdom." Kingsley. An`thro*po*log"ic*al*ly, adv.
Anthropological linguistics
Anthropological linguistics: Study of language through anthropology, study of language through the development of the human race
Anthroponomics anthroponomy
Anthroponomics anthroponomy: The science of the laws of the development of the humanorganism in relation to other organisms and to environment. An`thro*po*nom"ic*al (#),
Anthropopathic anthropopathical
Anthropopathic anthropopathical: The ascription of human feelings or passions to God, or to apolytheistic deity.In its recoil from the gross anthropopathy of the vulgar n
Anthropophagic anthropophagical
Anthropophagic anthropophagical: Relating to cannibalism or anthropophagy.
Anthroposophic medicine
Anthroposophic medicine: Alternative medicine inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner concentrating on making sure that the conditions for health exist in a person
Anti aircraft artillery
Anti aircraft artillery: Firepower used in defense against enemy aircraft
Anti-aircraft missile
Anti-aircraft missile: Missile which is designed to shoot down aircraft
Anti-ballistic missiles
Anti-ballistic missiles: Missiles designed to intercept and destroy ballistic missiles
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