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Abelian abelite abelonian
Abelian abelite abelonian: One of a sect in Africa (4th century), mentioned by St.Augustine, who states that they married, but lived in continence,after the manner, as th
Ability to withstand disappointments
Ability to withstand disappointments: Ability to cope with disappointment, capability to overcome adversity
Able -able ible -ible
Able -able ible -ible: An adjective suffix now usually in a passive sense able to be Fit to be expressing capacity or worthiness in a passive sense as,movable, able to b
Abounding in mistakes
Abounding in mistakes: Containing many errors, having many mistakes
Above-mentioned above-named
Above-mentioned above-named: Mentioned or named before aforesaid.
Abraham-man abram-man
Abraham-man abram-man: One of a set of vagabonds who formerly roamed through England,feigning lunacy for the sake of obtaining alms. Nares. To shamAbraham, to feign sickn
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Absence makes the heart grow fonder: People or things become dearer to us when they are absent or gone
Absolute cell reference
Absolute cell reference: Reference to an absolute address of a cell in an electronic spreadsheet
Absolute construction
Absolute construction: (Grammar) noun phrase that comprises of a noun and some type of modifier (ususally a participle)
Absolute cost advantage
Absolute cost advantage: Competitive advantage that a company has over another which is achieves by means that result in lower average costs (such as: cheaper inputs, ch
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