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Absolute priority rule
Absolute priority rule: Principle that creditors demands outweigh shareholders demands for payment in the event of a companys liquidation (Economics)
Absorption of immigrants
Absorption of immigrants: Taking in of new settlers to the country
Abstention from voting
Abstention from voting: Refraining from voting, not voting, refraining from casting of ballot
Abstract expressionism
Abstract expressionism: Artistic movement seeking to give symbolic expression to inner experience
Academic preparatory class
Academic preparatory class: Course preparing a student for acceptance to an academic institution remedial coursework
Acalycine acalysinous
Acalycine acalysinous: Without a calyx, or outer floral envelope.
Accede to the ministry
Accede to the ministry: Enter into an active position as a religious minister be ordained into religious service
Accelerated depreciation
Accelerated depreciation: Substantial depreciation of a propertys worth in its early active years (Accounting)
Acceleration due to gravity
Acceleration due to gravity: Increase in rate of speed due to the effects of gravity
Acceleration of gravity
Acceleration of gravity: Acceleration of a free falling body under the influence of gravity (equal to approximately 32 feet per second)
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