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Accept without reserve
Accept without reserve: Accept without hesitation, accept without feeling any doubt
Acceptability of admission
Acceptability of admission: Validity of a statement in a court of law, reliability of a confession in a court of law
Acceptability of confession
Acceptability of confession: Validity of a statement in a court of law, reliability of an admission in a court of law
Acceptability of evidence
Acceptability of evidence: Reliability or validity of evidence in a court of law
Acceptance by conduct
Acceptance by conduct: Meeting of conditions which leads to the signing of a contract
Accepted a phone call
Accepted a phone call: Answered a telephone call, took a telephone call
Accepted his authority
Accepted his authority: Recognized his authority, listened to him, accepted his higher power
Accepted principles of accounting
Accepted principles of accounting: Approved standards of accounting, standard practices of accounting
Accepted the majoritys decision
Accepted the majoritys decision: Agreed to the decision reached by the greater number
Accessary after the fact
Accessary after the fact: (Law) a person who after an offense assists or shelters the transgressor one not present at the action of the offense
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