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Accessary before the fact
Accessary before the fact: (Law) one who counsels an offense but is not present at its commission
Accessory after the fact
Accessory after the fact: Partner after the fact, person who aids a criminal after the latter commits the illegal act (Law)
Accessory at the fact
Accessory at the fact: Legal responsibility for participating in a violation of the law
Accessory before the fact
Accessory before the fact: One suspected of or charged with beforehand knowledge or participation in a crime
Accidentally-on-purpose: (Slang) apparently accidental but with concealed malevolence or harm
Accommodate prior booking
Accommodate prior booking: Honor reservations which were made earlier
Accommodation address
Accommodation address: (British) mailing address given by a person or company not capable or reluctant to give a permanent recognizable address
Accomplished the mission
Accomplished the mission: Completed the task, finished the job, finished the assignment
Accord and satisfaction
Accord and satisfaction: Agreement whereby both sides waive part of their claims (Law)
According to his capability
According to his capability: In proportion to his potential, in correspondence with his ability
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