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According to his means
According to his means: In proportion to his financial resources, in correspondence with his income
According to his story
According to his story: Accordin to what he says, by what he says
According to his version
According to his version: As stated in his account, according to his rendering
According to Jewish Law
According to Jewish Law: In agreement with the laws of the Jewish religion
Account management fee
Account management fee: Money paid to someone in order to handle financial accounts
Accounting period assumption
Accounting period assumption: Basic outlook in accounting that sets uniform and defined accounting periods (usually one year)
Accouterments accoutrements
Accouterments accoutrements: Dress trappings equipment specifically, the devices andequipments worn by soldiers.How gay with all the accouterments of war!
Accumulated degree days
Accumulated degree days: Dust which has built up over a period of time
Accumulation of liquid
Accumulation of liquid: Collection of fluid, amount of liquid that has accumulated over a period of time
Accumulative judgment
Accumulative judgment: Judgment that is comprised of a series of judgments, judgment of more than one charge at the same time
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