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Accuse of callousness
Accuse of callousness: Criticize for being insensitive, accuse of hard-heartedness
Accused of manslaughter
Accused of manslaughter: Officially blamed for killing another person, indicted for killing a person
Acetonaemia acetonemia
Acetonaemia acetonemia: A morbid condition characterized by the presence of acetone inthe blood, as in diabetes.
Achieving ones dreams
Achieving ones dreams: Fulfilling ones aspirations, accomplishing ones ambitions
Achroodextrin achrooedextrin
Achroodextrin achrooedextrin: Dextrin not colorable by iodine. See Dextrin.
Acknowledge the receipt
Acknowledge the receipt: Confirm the receipt of something, certify the receipt of
Acknowledged the urgency
Acknowledged the urgency: Recognized the necessity, recognized the importance
Acknowledgment of debt
Acknowledgment of debt: Recognition of financial liability, acknowledgement of financial obligation
Aconddylose acondylous
Aconddylose acondylous: Being without joints jointless.
Acquired a reputation
Acquired a reputation: Got a name for oneself, gained notoriety, gained fame
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