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David Beckham
David Beckham: (born 1975 as David Robert Joseph Beckham), English soccer player and former star of the famous team Manchester United (he is married to Spice Girls star
David Bowie
David Bowie: (born 1947, David Robert Hayward-Jones) British singer and actor
David Copperfield
David Copperfield: (born 1956 as David Seth Kotkin) U.S. magician famous for his acts of grand illusion novel written by Charles Dickens (published in 1850)
David Cronenberg
David Cronenberg: (born 1943 as David Paul Cronenberg) Canadian horror and science fiction movie director
David Crosby
David Crosby: (born 1941) U.S. singer and songwriter, member of the folk rock group "Crosby Stills and Nash"
David Daniel Kominsky
David Daniel Kominsky: Birth name of Danny Kaye (1913-1987), U.S. entertainer and movie actor
Dean Martin
Dean Martin: (1917-1995) United States singer and movie actor (born under the name Dino Crocetti)
Degas: Edgar Degas (1834-1917), French painter and sculptor famous for his portrayal of scenes from everyday life family name
Delphic: Of or relating to Delphi, or to the famous oracle of that place. Ambiguous mysterious. "If he is silent or delphic." New York Times.
Denver: Capital of Colorado (USA) family name John Denver (1943-1997), United States country singer who was killed while piloting an experimental fiberglass airplane
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