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Dr. J
Dr. J: Julius Erving (born 1950), famous former professional basketball player, one of the leading all-time scorers in the NBA
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Two interchanging personalities which are actually the same person famous novel by Stevenson about a person with a split personality
Draconian: Pertaining to Draco, a famous lawgiver of Athens, 621 b. c. Draconian code, or Draconian laws, a code of laws made by Draco. Their measures were so severe that
Dragonlance: Series of fantasy novels published during the 1980s movie based on the series of the fantasy novels
Drive in motion picture theater
Drive in motion picture theater: Movie theatre in an open field where people watch the movie while remaining in their vehicles
Drive in theater
Drive in theater: Movie theatre in an open field where people watch the movie while remaining in their vehicles
Drive-in: Outdoor movie theater where the movie is watched from cars
Dropped names
Dropped names: Mentioned (in the course of a conversation) names of famous people as if one were well acquainted with them
E.M. Forster
E.M. Forster: Edward Morgan Forster (1879-1970), English author (famous for his novels "Passage to India ", "Howards End" and "A Room with a View")
E=MC2: Famous formula compiled by Albert Einstein expressing his theory that energy and matter are equal and the speed of light is a constant
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