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Eternize: To make eternal or endless. This other [gift] served but to eternize woe. Milton. To make forever famous to immortalize as, to eternize ones self, a name, explo
Eton coat
Eton coat: Short coat for boys and girls which reaches the hips (named so after the famous Eton College in England)
Ever youthful songstress
Ever youthful songstress: Female singer who retains her youthfulness
Everybody who is somebody
Everybody who is somebody: All the famous and/or important people, the glamorous people
Fame: To report widely or honorably. The field where thou art famed To have wrought such wonders. Milton. To make famous or renowned. Those Hesperian gardens famed of old
Famosity: The state or quality of being famous. [Obs.] Johnson.
Famous: Celebrated in fame or public report renowned mach talked of distinguished in story used in either a good or a bad sense, chiefly the former 6. often followed by f
Famous misquotation
Famous misquotation: Famous non-quotation, famous phrase attributed to a person who actually did not say it
Famous non-quotation
Famous non-quotation: Famous misquotation, famous phrase attributed to a person who actually did not say it
Famous painter
Famous painter: Well-known painter, painter whose name is known by many
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