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Farid El-Atrash
Farid El-Atrash: (1915-1974) Arab singer and composer (participated in a number of movies)
Father of History
Father of History: Herodotus, famous Greek historian (approx. 484 B.C-425 B.C) noted for his writings concerning the conflict between Greece and Persia
Ferenc Puskas
Ferenc Puskas: (born 1927) most famous leading Hungarian footballer of all time who became a legend in soccer (nicknamed "The Galloping Major")
Fields: Family name W.C. Fields (1880-1946) U.S. comedian and movie actor
Film dubbing
Film dubbing: Voice over, replacing a movie soundtrack with a new one
Film fan
Film fan: Movie enthusiast, movie buff, one who greatly enjoys watching movies
Film industry
Film industry: Movie industry, motion-picture industry, screenland, filmdom
Film maker
Film maker: Movie maker, movie director, one who creates films
Film producer
Film producer: Movie producer, person who finances or supervises the production of a movie
Film star
Film star: Movie star, person playing the lead role in a movie, popular movie actor or actress
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