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Arabian Nights
Arabian Nights: Famous collection of Persian Indian and Arabian folk tales also known as "The Thousand and One Nights"
Arden: Family name male first name forest region in central England Elizabeth Arden (1891-1966), Canadian-born woman who became famous for building a large cosmetics cor
Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin: (born 1942) "Queen of Soul", American soul and gospel singer (best known for her 1967 song "Respect")
Argas: A genus of venomous ticks which attack men and animals. Thefamous Persian Argas, also called Miana bug, is A. Persicus that ofCentral America, called talaje by the
Aristotelian: Of or pertaining to Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher(384-322 b. c.). n. A follower of Aristotle a Peripatetic. See Peripatetic.
Arno: Family name male first name Peter Arno (1904-1968) ,U.S. cartoonist famous for his satirical works river in central Italy that rises in the Apennines mountain rang
Arrantly: Notoriously, in an ill sense infamously impudently Shamefully. LEstrange.
Asked for an autograph
Asked for an autograph: Requested an autograph, asked for a famous persons signature
Assistant director
Assistant director: First assistant to the director whose duties include following the progress of filming against the schedule of production and also preparing call she
Astaire: Family name Fred Astaire (1899-1987), American singer dancer and actor (known for his roles in "Silk Stockings" and "Top Hat")
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