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Basketball shoes
Basketball shoes: Sports shoes designed for basketball play, basketball sneakers
Be stretchered
Be stretchered: Be carried away on a stretcher due to injury (especially during a sporting event)
Becoming infected
Becoming infected: Becoming afflicted with a disease becoming contaminated (of a wound, cut, etc.)
Bedrid: Unable to leave ones bed, confined to bed (generally due to an illness) exhausted, worn out
Bedridden: Unable to leave ones bed, confined to bed (generally due to an illness)
Behcets disease
Behcets disease: Uncommon multisystem disease characterised by chronic inflammation of blood vessels (ulceration in the mouth and genitalia, iritis, uveitis, arthritis a
Bench press
Bench press: Weightlifting exercise carried out by a lifter lying on a bench (Sports) tiny punch press fixed on a workbench
Benign: Of a kind or gentle disposition gracious generous favorable Benignant.Creator bounteous and benign. Milton. 6. Exhibiting or manifesting kindness, gentleness, fa
Bergers disease
Bergers disease: Inflammation of the kidneys caused by the presence immunoglobulin antibody deposits in the kidneys
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