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Beriberi: An acute disease occurring in India, characterized by multipleinflammatory changes in the nerves, producing great musculardebility, a painful rigidity of the li
Besides: Over and above separate or distinct from in addition to Other than else than. See Beside, prep., 3, and Syn. under Beside.Besides your cheer, you shall have spo
Bezoar: A calculous concretion found in the intestines of certainruminant animals (as the wild goat, the gazelle, and the Peruvianllama) formerly regarded as an unfailing
Bilharzia: Parasitic flatworm found in tropical climates that causes the disease bilharziasis
Bilharziasis: Disease caused by a parasitic flatworm (common in tropical climates)
Bilharziosis: Disease caused by a parasitic flatworm (common in tropical climates)
Bilimbi bilimbing
Bilimbi bilimbing: The berries of two East Indian species of Averrhoa, of theOxalide? or Sorrel family. They are very acid, and highly esteemedwhen preserved or pickled.
Bill of health
Bill of health: Certificate confirming compliance with proper health standards (esp. as given to a ship captain to present to the port authorities at the next port) (fig
Biological control
Biological control: Controlling of pests by interfering with their ecology (release of parasites or introduction of diseases into their environment, etc.)
Biological therapy
Biological therapy: (Medicine) treatment using substances for stimulating the bodys immune system to fight infections and cancer or other diseases
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