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Biological warfare
Biological warfare: Use of disease-spreading microorganisms in war
Bipolar disorder
Bipolar disorder: Manic-depressive psychosis, psychological illness characterized by extreme and sudden alternations between depression to euphoria (Psychology)
Bird flu
Bird flu: Avian influenza, fowl plague, avian flu, acute and generally fatal viral infectious disease of chickens and other domestic and wild birds (characterized by fev
Blackleg: A notorious gambler. [Colloq.] A disease among calves and sheep, characterized by a settling ofgelatinous matter in the legs, and sometimes in the neck. [Eng.]
Bleacherite: Spectator who is seated in the bleachers at a sporting event
Bleachers: Uncovered benches for spectators at sporting events
Bleareye: A disease of the eyelids, consisting in chronic inflammation ofthe margins, with a gummy secretion of sebaceous matter. Dunglison.
Blink: A glimpse or glance.This is the first blink that ever I had of him. Bp. Hall. Gleam glimmer sparkle. Sir W. Scott.Not a blink of light was there. Wordsworth. (Naut
Blood poisoning
Blood poisoning: Diseases in which the blood contains infectious microorganisms
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