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Blood test
Blood test: Testing of a sample of blood (usually to identify a disease or infection)
Bloody flux
Bloody flux: The dysentery, a disease in which the flux or discharge fromthe bowels has a mixture of blood. Arbuthnot.
Bloody sweat
Bloody sweat: A sweat accompanied by a discharge of blood a disease, calledsweating sickness, formerly prevalent in England and other countries.
Bloomers: Underpants worn by women long and loose pants formerly worn by women while participating in a sport underpants worn under a cheerleading skirt, cheerleading br
Blue disease
Blue disease: Rocky Mountain spotted fever, severe and infectious disease (highly fatal) caused by Rickettsia and is generally spread by the bite of an infected ixodid t
Bluestocking: A literary lady a female pedant. [Colloq.]Note: As explained in Boswells "Life of Dr. Johnson", this term isderived from the name given to certain meetings
Boatable: Such as can be transported in a boat. Navigable for boats, or small river craft.The boatable waters of the Alleghany. J. Morse.
Boatload: Cargo transported by a ship amount of cargo that a ship can carry
Bodycheck: (Sports) use the body in an illegal manner to block an opposing player (particularly in hockey or soccer)
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