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Aching Feet
The most common cause of foot pain is wearing ill fitting shoes, other conditions are those related to the skin and nails of the foot this could relate to any callus that
Aclinic: The top or highest point the culmination.The very acme and pitch of life for epic poetry. Pope.The moment when a certain power reaches the acme of its supremacy.
Acrisia acrisy
Acrisia acrisy: Inability to judge. (Med.) Undecided character of a disease. [Obs.]
Acrodynia: Disease of infants and children which is characterized by pain and swelling of the extremities (often caused by contact with mercury)
Actinomycosis: A chronic infectious disease of cattle and man due to thepresence of Actinomyces bovis. It causes local suppurating tumors,esp. about the jaw. Called also
Actinotherapy: Treatment of disease by means of radiation, radiotherapy
Acupuncturist: Expert in acupuncture, one who treats illnesses by applying small needles to specific points on the body
Acutangular: Having nice discernment perceiving or using minute distinctions Penetrating clever shrewd 6. opposed to Ant: dull or Ant: stupid 7. As, an acute observer 8
Addisons disease
Addisons disease: A morbid condition causing a peculiar brownish discoloration ofthe skin, and thought, at one time, to be due to disease of thesuprarenal capsules (two f
Aden ulcer
Aden ulcer: A disease endemic in various parts of tropical Asia, due to aspecific micro?rganism which produces chronic ulcers on the limbs. Itis often fatal. Called also
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