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Bronchophony: A modification of the voice sounds, by which they areintensified and heightened in pitch observed in auscultation ofthe chest in certain cases of intro-thor
Bronze: To give an appearance of bronze to, by a coating of bronze powder,or by other means to make of the color of bronze as, to bronzeplaster casts to bronze coins or m
Bronze medal
Bronze medal: Prize awarded for third place in some sports competitions
Bronze medalist
Bronze medalist: Person who won third prize in some sports competitions
Brucella: Bacteria that causes brucellosis (contagious disease)
BSE: (mad cow disease) fatal disease affecting the nervous system in cattle
Bubonic plague
Bubonic plague: Epidemic of or a disease transmitted by fleas from infected rodents and characterized by delirium and the formation of buboes in the groin and armpits
Buchu: A South African shrub (Barosma) with small leaves that aredotted with oil dlands also, the leaves themselves, which are usedin medicine for diseases of the urinary
Buergers disease
Buergers disease: Chronic inflammatory disease causing obstruction of the arteries and veins of the hands and feet
Buffy: Resembling, or characterized by, buff. Buffy coat, thecoagulated plasma of blood when the red corpuscles have so settledout that the coagulum appears nearly colorl
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