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Build up ones health
Build up ones health: Improve ones well-being, improve ones condition, improve ones health
Bulimia bulimy
Bulimia bulimy: A disease in which there is a perpetual and insatiable appetitefor food a diseased and voracious appetite.
Burrill Bernard Crohn
Burrill Bernard Crohn: (1884-1983) USA gastroenterologist who specialized in diseases of the intestines (Crohns disease name after him)
Burrill Crohn
Burrill Crohn: Burrill Bernard Crohn (1884-1983), USA gastroenterologist who specialized in diseases of the intestines (Crohns disease name after him)
Cachexy: Cachexia, chronic weakness, debility (caused by illness)
Cacoethes: A bad custom or habit an insatiable desire as, caco?thes scribendi, "The itch for writing". Addison. (Med.) A bad quality or disposition in a disease an incura
Caisson disease
Caisson disease: A disease frequently induced by remaining for some time in an atmosphere of high pressure, as in caissons, diving bells, etc. It is characterized by neur
Calabar: A district on the west coast of Africa. Calabar bean, The of a climbing legumious plant (Physostigma venenosum), a native of tropical Africa. It is highly poison
Call in
Call in: Recall, request to return demand repayment of a debt phone to ones job and ask for permission to stay at home due to illness (Slang)
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