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CDC: Public health organization in the United States that researches contagious diseases
CEA: Antigen found in an increased amount in the blood of people who suffer from certain cancers (such as colon cancer) or other diseases and in the blood of heavy smoke
Celiac disease
Celiac disease: Coeliac disease, intestinal digestive disorder caused by excessive sensitivity of the small intestine to gluten
Center for Disease Control
Center for Disease Control: Public health organization in the United States that researches contagious diseases, CDC
Center forward
Center forward: Front-line sports position in the middle of the field
Central Nervous System
Central Nervous System System of Nerves within the brain and spinal cord.
Central station
Central station: Main station which usually provides transportation services outside the city (central bus station, central train and bus station, etc.)
Cerebellum Found above the medulla oblongata. Area that helps with movement.
Cerebral Palsy
Cerebral Palsy Impaired function of the muscles. Weakness over muscles and limbs. Involuntary spasms. Caused by brain damage during birth.
Cerebro-spinal: Of or pertaining to the central nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal cord. Cerebro-spinal fluid (Physiol.), a serous fluid secreted by the me
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