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AIDS virus
AIDS virus: Incurable immune-deficiency disease which is transferred via the sperm and bloodstream
Ainhum: (Medicine) disease common in black adult males in Africa in which a tight and fibrous band develops around the base of a toe or sometimes a finger and eventually
Albert Sabin
Albert Sabin: (1906-1993) Polish born United States microbiologist and pioneer researcher on viruses and viral diseases who developped the Sabin vaccine against polio wh
Alchemy: An imaginary art which aimed to transmute the baser metals intogold, to find the panacea, or universal remedy for diseases, etc. Itled the way to modern chemistr
Alexiteric: A preservative against contagious and infectious diseases, andthe effects of poison in general. Brande & C.
Alienee: The status or legal condition of an alien alienage.The law was very gentle in the construction of the disability ofalienism. Kent. The study or treatment of dise
Alienism: Study of mental illnesses in relation to legal matters alienage, state of being an alien or foreigner
Allergic disease
Allergic disease: Disease caused by a reaction to a certain substance
Allopathy: That system of medical practice which aims to combat disease bythe use of remedies which produce effects different from thoseproduced by the special disease tr
Alois Alzheimer
Alois Alzheimer: (1864-1915) German neurologist who identified a degenerative disease of the central nervous system now known as Alzheimers disease
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