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Amyloidosis: Disease caused by the accumulation of amyloid deposits in the tissues and organs (Pathology)
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: (Medicine) ALS, Lou Gehrigs disease, incurable progressive disease of the motor nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that causes their
Anabasis: A journey or expedition up from the coast, like that of theyounger Cyrus into Central Asia, described by Xenophon in his workcalled "The Anabasis."The anabasis
Anaesthesia: Entire or partial loss or absence of feeling or sensation astate of general or local insensibility produced by disease or by theinhalation or application of
Analepsis analepsy
Analepsis analepsy: Restorative giving strength after disease. n. A restorative.
Anbury ambury
Anbury ambury: (Far.) A soft tumor or bloody wart on horses or oxen. A disease of the roots of turnips, etc. called also fingersand toes.
Anchorman: Host, broadcaster (on television) last member of a team to carry out his assignment (Sports)
Anders disease
Anders disease: (Medicine) adiposis tuberosa simplex, adiposis dolorosa, disease characterized by painful localized fatty masses or cutaneous nodules (on the abdomen or
Angina: Any inflammatory affection of the throat or faces, as thequinsy, malignant sore throat, croup, etc., especially such as tendsto produce suffocation, choking, or s
Anilinism: A disease due to inhaling the poisonous fumes present in themanufacture of aniline.
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