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Second string
Second string: Being a substitute or replacement for a regular player (as on a team in sport games) available as a second choice
Show jumping
Show jumping: Sport in which a horse must clear several obstacles on a fixed course within a specified time
Skiing: Act of gliding across snow or water on skis sport of gliding across snow or water on skis
Skijoring: Sport in which a skier is pulled across a frozen surface (snow or ice) by a horse or vehicle
Skydiving: Sport of parachuting, sport of jumping from an airplane and performing acrobatic stunts before opening ones parachute
A drink composed of spirit (usually gin) and water sweetened. sling. To throw with a sling. "Every one could sling stones at an hairbreadth, and not miss." Judg. xx. 1 T
To emit by, or as by, flood gates. [R.] Milton. To wet copiously, as by opening a sluice as, to sluice meadows. Howitt. He dried his neck and face, which he had been slu
A hasty catching or seizing a grab a catching at, or attempt to seize, suddenly. A short period of vigorous action as, a snatch at weeding after a shower. Tusser. They m
Spoilsport: One who spoils the pleasure or enjoyment of others
To divert to amuse to make merry used with the reciprocal pronoun. Against whom do ye sport yourselves Isa. lvii. To represent by any knd of play. Now sporting on thy l
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