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Sportswear: Clothing worn while participating in a sport casual wear for men or women
Sporty: Loud, showy, flashy (of clothing) sporting suitable for sport
The act of riding steeple chases. Steeplechasing: Sport of riding in a steeplechase sport of running in a steeplechase
To imagine guilt to have a suspicion or suspicions to be suspicious. If I suspect without cause, why then make sport at time. Shak. To imagine to exist to have a slight
Team sports
Team sports: Sports that are played between rival teams (such as: basketball, baseball, soccer, etc.)
Thai boxing
Thai boxing: Muay Thai, martial art in which the competitors wear no shirts nor shoes and which permits hits with the elbows and knees and feet (national sport of Thaila
Tow away
Tow away: Transport to another place on a tow truck drag to another location
Transport base
Transport base: Base for the military unit responsible for transportation for the Israeli army
Transport date
Transport date: Date on which merchandise or something which is being mailed is sent on its way
Transport plane
Transport plane: Airplane for carrying goods from one place to another
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