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Enravish: To transport with delight to enrapture to fascinate. Spenser.
Entrance visa
Entrance visa: Endorsement on a passport permitting entrance to a country
Entry visa
Entry visa: Endorsement on a passport permitting entrance to a country
Exit visa
Exit visa: Authorization on a passport permitting the bearer to leave a country
Falconer: A person who breeds or trains hawks for taking birds or game one who follows the sport of fowling with hawks. Johnson.
FARP: Portable base that is moved from place to place by heavy transport helicopters
Ferry back and forth
Ferry back and forth: Transport someone or something back and forth (usually over a body of water)
Ferry goods
Ferry goods: Transport goods, move merchandise from place to place
Flight: Flugt. sq. root8 See Flee, Fly.] The act or flying a passing through the air by the help of wings volitation mode or style of flying. Like the night owls lazy fl
Fluidise: (Chemistry) make into a fluid cause to have the qualities of a fluid suspend or transport fine particles in a stream of gas or air (also fluidize)
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