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93: Inclination will disposition desire. [Obs.] They rather counseled you to your talent than to your profit. Chaucer. Intellectual ability, natural or acquired 6. mental
Absolute advantage
Absolute advantage: Total advantage, ability of one company to produce a good at lower costs than any other business in the same industry (Economics)
Accept guarantee
Accept guarantee: Take as security (i.e. in reservations) accept as pledge (in a business deal)
Accounts payable
Accounts payable: Account which shows the current debts of a business
Accredit: To put or bring into credit to invest with credit or authority To sanction.His censure will . . . accredit his praises. Cowper.These reasons . . . which accred
Accumulated surplus
Accumulated surplus: (Economics) surplus profits of a company that remain in its control and are reinvested
Acquisition value
Acquisition value: Net worth of a company for a potential investor
Active: Having the power or quality of acting causing change Communicating action or motion acting opposed to Ant: passive,that receives 6. as, certain active principles
Adjourn: To suspend business for a time, as from one day to another, orfor a longer period, or indefinitely usually, to suspend publicbusiness, as of legislatures and cou
Adjournment: The act of adjourning the putting off till another day or timespecified, or without day. The time or interval during which a public body adjourns itssittings
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