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Blowout: Explosion investigation, inquiry banquet, party (Slang)
Blue-skylaw: A law enacted to provide for the regulation and supervision ofinvestment companies in order to protect the public against companiesthat do not intend to do a
Blueback: The hero of a medi?val French nursery legend, who, leavinghome, enjoined his young wife not to open a certain room in hiscastle. She entered it, and found the m
Board of trade
Board of trade: Committee comprised of bankers and business owners that join together to promote common business interests
Bolsa: An exchange for the transaction of business. [Sp. Amer. & Phil.Islands]
Book keeping
Book keeping: Person who keeps a systematic record of business transactions
Bookkeeping: The art of recording pecuniary or business transactions in aregular and systematic manner, so as to show their relation to eachother, and the state of the bu
Bookkeeping skills
Bookkeeping skills: Abilities and knowledge necessary to keep proper records of business transactions
Books of accounts
Books of accounts: Books in which business transactions and accounts are recorded
Botanical garden
Botanical garden: Garden with special plants, garden for investigating and exhibition
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