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Burnt his fingers
Burnt his fingers: Got in trouble lost money through risky investing
Business: That which busies one, or that which engages the time, attention,or labor of any one, as his principal concern or interest, whetherfor a longer or shorter time
Business administration
Business administration: Business management people or departments who constitute a body to manage something study of management, program of studies in university that t
Business association
Business association: Organization of companies business merger, joining of companies
Business before pleasure
Business before pleasure: Work before play, one must take care of his responsibilities before having fun
Business card
Business card: Small card containing personal and work-related information that is given to ones business contacts
Business class
Business class: Luxury class of airline service that provides passengers with larger seats and high-quality service
Business college
Business college: Institution which offers courses to equip individuals who wish to enter the field of business
Business condition statement
Business condition statement: Account of credits and debits in a business
Business consultant
Business consultant: One who advises others in business matters
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