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Carrying charge
Carrying charge: Cost to a business for owning property or holding or storing assets from which it presently earns no income service charge and interest on unpaid balanc
Carryover: After-effect postponed or delayed business carried from one page to the next (Accounting)
Cart: To carry burdens in a cart to follow the business of a carter.
Cartography: The act business of forming charts or maps.
Cash cow
Cash cow: Profitable enterprise, business that earns a lot of money
Cash flow from current activity
Cash flow from current activity: Part of the cash flow report which details cash movement during a normal period of activity in a business
Cash flow from financing activity
Cash flow from financing activity: Part of the cash flow report which details the movement of cash in the finance activity of a business
Cash flow from investment activity
Cash flow from investment activity: Part of the cash flow report which details the movement of cash within the framework of investment of a business
Cash flow statement
Cash flow statement: Breakdown of the flow of cash in a business during an accounting period
Cash reserve
Cash reserve: Designated amount of cash holdings required for banks fund set aside by businesses to cover emergencies
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