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Caterer A cheff who provided food or food services. An organization or small business that provides food for events like weddings or corporate functions.
Catering: Business of supplying and serving food (at parties and events)
Cathect: (Psychoanalysis) invest emotional or mental energy in another person or idea or an object
Cathexis: Energy invested in an action or object or person (Psychology)
Cease and desist order
Cease and desist order: Temporary order from a government authority that orders a business to stop a certain activity (when there is suspicion of impropriety or of a vio
Celebrate: To extol or honor in a solemn manner as, to celebrate the name of the Most High. To honor by solemn rites, by ceremonies of joy and respect, or by refraining f
Cell mate
Cell mate: Roommate in a jail cell, one who shares a prison compartment
Center of town
Center of town: Central place in a city, area of recreation and business
Chairman: The presiding officer of a committee, or of a public or private meeting, or of any organized body. One whose business it is to cary a chair or sedan. Breaks wat
Chamber of commerce
Chamber of commerce Formal organization who protect and promote business and their interests.
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