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Children Parties
To create a great event for your childs party you may need some help, there are many businesses that specialize in childrens parties. If anybody could contribute to this
Childrens investigator
Childrens investigator: Police officer who investigates children using age-appropriate methods
Chirograph: One who practice the art or business of writing or engrossing. See chirographist, Chirographer of fines (Old Eng. Law), an officer in the court of common plea
Chorion: (Anat.) (a) The outer membrane which invests the fetus in the womb also, the similar membrane investing many ova at certain stages of development. (b) The true s
Chorographer: One who describes or makes a map of a district or region. "The chorographers of Italy." Sir T. Browne. A geographical antiquary one who investigates the loc
Chose in action
Chose in action: (Law) right of ownership in intangible items which are not in a persons possession but may be recovered through legal or court action (such as shares in
Chosen instrument
Chosen instrument: Approved enterprise, business that meets government criteria and therefore is eligible for special benefits
Chronologist chronologer
Chronologist chronologer: A person who investigates dates of events and transactions one skilled in chronology. That learned noise and dust of the chronologist is wholly
Churnover: (Stock Market) immoderate purchase or sale of shares carried out by stockbroker on behalf of a client in order to produce income from the commissions as a res
Circular: A circular letter, or paper, usually printed, copies of which are addressed or given to various persons as, a business circular. A sleeveless cloak, cut in circ
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