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Circumstantiate: To place in particular circumstances to invest with particular accidents or adjuncts. [R.] If the act were otherwise circumstantiated, it might will that
Circumvest: To cover round, as woth a garment to invest. [Obs.] Circumvested with much prejudice. Sir H. Wotton.
Citizens Band
Citizens Band: Range of radio frequencies set aside for two-way radio communication by citizens and businesses (in the USA) radio receiver/transmitter used to communicat
Citrus industry
Citrus industry: Business of growing and marketing citrus fruit (oranges, grapefruit, lemons, etc.)
Civil service reform
Civil service reform: The substitution of business principles and methods for political methods in the conduct of the civil service. esp. the merit system instead of the
Cleaner: A person ,substance or object that can remove dirt or wash away grime. A business that provides such a service.
Clearing: The act or process of making clear. The better clearing of this point. South. A tract of land cleared of wood for cultivation. A lonely clearing on the shores o
Clearing agency
Clearing agency: Business in which securities can be deposited for safekeeping
Clerkship: State, quality, or business of a clerk.
Click and mortar
Click and mortar: Traditional business that has integrated the internet into its company
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