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Cognoscible: Capable of being known. "Matters intelligible and cognoscible." Sir M. Hale. Liable to judicial investigation. Jer. Taylor.
Collaborate: Work together on a common goal or purpose. To cooperate with somebody else sometimes a rival (your competition) business.
Collate: Descended from a common ancestor but through different lines. Evidence that supports or corroborates (strengthens). Security offered that may replace and repa
Colleague: An associate that one works with. A fellow worker, most often within the same business.
Collecting services
Collecting services: Business of collecting debts in return for a commission
Collection agency
Collection agency: Intelligence division continuously and systematically collecting information agency that collects payments on unpaid bills, firm that collects payment
Collective bargaining
collective bargaining: Negotiation between an employer and trade union. Often this is a dispute over wages or working conditions. Most times a labor broker is needed to
Collector: One who collects things which are separate esp., one who makes a business or practice of collecting works of art, objects in natural history, etc. as, a collec
College: A type of educational institution, other than a university. Place where higher education is given to educate and grant degrees; sometimes part of a university.
Collier: One engaged in the business of digging mineral coal or making charcoal, or in transporting or dealing in coal. A vessel employed in the coal trade.
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