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Allocation of stocks
Allocation of stocks: Apportioning stocks to employees or investors
Ambient: Something that surrounds or invests as, air . . . being aperpetual ambient. Sir H. Wotton.
Analogism: Logic an argument from the cause to the effect an a priori argument.Johnson. Investigation of things by the analogy they bear to each other.Crabb.
Analytical thinking
Analytical thinking: Interpretive reasoning, logical thinking, systematic reasoning, investigative reasoning
And Co.
And Co.: And company (and partners, and business associates, and colleagues)
Annual real yield to maturity
Annual real yield to maturity: Index used to estimate whether or not it is worthwhile to invest in a company or firm via the taking into account of the affects of change
Annual Turnover
Annual Turnover mean: For a company, any form of business conducted during a year, usually measured through income or sales.
Annual yield to maturity
Annual yield to maturity: Annual interest on the turnover on a bond (method for calculating the profitability of investment in a bond)
Annunciator: One who announces. Specifically: An officer in the church ofConstantinople, whose business it was to inform the people of thefestivals to be celebrated. An i
Antitrust: Opposed to monopolies, objecting to large combinations of capital and business
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