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Aponeurosis: Any one of the thicker and denser of the deep fasci? whichcover, invest, and the terminations and attachments of, many muscles.They often differ from tendons
Apposer: An examiner one whose business is to put questions. Formerly,in the English Court of Exchequer, an officer who audited thesheriffs accounts.
Apprentice: To bind to, or put under the care of, a master, for the purposeof instruction in a trade or business.
Approved enterprise
Approved enterprise: Authorized business venture, business which fulfills government criteria and is eligible for special benefits
Aramark: American corporation headquartered in Pennsylvania, provider of outsourcing support and management services for businesses and institutions
Arithmetic average
Arithmetic average: Rate of return, ratio of money earned or lost on an investment in proportional relation to the sum of money invested (expressed as a percentage of th
Art: The employment of means to accomplish some desired end theadaptation of things in the natural world to the uses of life theapplication of knowledge or power to pract
Ascertainment: The act of ascertaining a reducing to certainty a finding outby investigation discovery.The positive ascertainment of its limits. Burke.
Assessment: The act of assessing the act of determining an amount to be paid As, an assessment of damages, or of taxes an assessment of themembers of a club. A valuation
Asset allocation
Asset allocation: Allocation of funds into different types of assets (i.e. stocks, fixed-income investments, real estate, etc.)
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