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Asset management account
Asset management account: Account which combines regular banking functions with investment activity allowing one bank statement that includes all financial activity
Assets: (Accounting) entries on a balance sheet showing tangible and intangible properties and claims against others that can be applied to cover the financial obligatio
Assiduity: Constant or close application or attention, particularly to somebusiness or enterprise diligence.I have, with much pains and assiduity, qualified myself for an
Associate: A companion one frequently in company with another, implyingintimacy or equality a mate a fellow. A partner in interest, as in business 6. or a confederate in
Astrometeorology: The investigation of the relation between the sun, moon, andstars, and the weather. As`*tro*me`te*or`o*log"ic*al, a. As`tro*me`te*or*ol"o*gist, n.
Astute investor
Astute investor: Shrewd investor, one who makes wise financial investments
Attend: To apply the mind, or pay attention, with a view to perceive,understand, or comply to pay regard to heed to listen usuallyfollowed by to.Attend to the voice of my
Attitude: (Paint. & Sculp.) The posture, action, or disposition of a figure or a statue. The posture or position of a person or an animal, or the manner inwhich the parts
Audience: The act of hearing attention to sounds.Thou, therefore, give due audience, and attend. Milton. Admittance to a hearing a formal interview, esp. with a sovereign
Auspicate: To foreshow to foretoken. [Obs.] B. Jonson. To give a favorable turn to in commencing to inaugurate asense derived from the Roman practice of taking the auspic
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