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Autonomous investment
Autonomous investment: Investment made the owner of a business himself
Autoregressive: Using past statistics as a basis for predicting future data (Business)
Average revenue
Average revenue: Mean profit, average profit made by a business from the sale of a product or service
Avocation: A calling away a diversion. [Obs. or Archaic]Impulses to duty, and powerful avocations from sin. South. That which calls one away from ones regular employment
B2B: Business model which focuses on providing services for other companies rather than individual consumers (used by many companies that do business over the Internet)
B2C: Business model which focuses on providing services directly to the final consumer (used by companies that do business over the Internet)
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration : One who holds a bachelors degree in business administration, B.B.A.
Background check
Background check: Investigation of a persons identity that is performed for security purposes (includes membership in groups or organizations, criminal convictions, work
Backgrounder: Informal press conference in which an official spokesperson (from government or business) provides journalists with background information report or briefi
Baker: One whose business it is to bake bread, biscuit, etc. A portable oven in which baking is done. [U.S.] A bakers dozen,thirteen. Baker foot, a distorted foot. [Obs.]
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