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Bedmate: Friend, ally one who shares a bed with another, bedfellow
Being investigated
Being investigated: Being examined, being inspected, being researched
Beleaguer: To surround with an army so as to preclude escape to besiege To blockade.The wail of famine in beleaguered towns. Longfellow.Syn. To block up environ invest 6
Below: In a lower place, with respect to any object in a lower room Beneath.Lord Marmion waits below. Sir W. Scott. On the earth, as opposed to the heavens.The fairest c
Benchmarking: Standard according to which something can be measured or judged (such as product or business practices of a competitor)
Beside: At the side of on one side of. "Beside him hung his bow." Milton. Aside from out of the regular course or order of in a state ofdeviation from 6. out of.[You] hav
Besiege: To beset or surround with armed forces, for the purpose ofcompelling to surrender to lay siege to to beleaguer to beset.Till Paris was besieged, famished, and lo
Beta Gamma Sigma
Beta Gamma Sigma: Honor society founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1913 honoring business students and scholars
Betty Currie
Betty Currie: (born 1939) personal secretary of U.S. President Bill Clinton (served as the liaison between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton and was investigated during t
Between husband and wife
Between husband and wife: Private business of a husband and wife
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