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Genre scene
Genre scene: Genre painting, kind of painting that portrays everyday life
Hair Colouring
Hair Colouring: A dye or tint for the hair, the process of colouring the hair. The act of dyeing or tinting ones hair. Common reasons are to cover gray hair, to change
Imagism: Poetry movement of the early twentieth century which advocated clarity of expression and the use of everyday speech
Ivory castle
Ivory castle: Inaccessible place, place that is withdrawn from the everyday world
Ivory tower
Ivory tower: Place withdrawn from the troubles and pressures of everyday life, attitude of aloofness
Matter of course
Matter of course: Usual activity, common occurrence, everyday action
Orderly sergeant
Orderly sergeant: One who helps the on-duty officer on a military base, one in charge of everyday affairs on a unit during the after-hours periods
Pocket dictionary
Pocket dictionary: Miniature dictionary for everyday useful words and phrases
Rainwater storage
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