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Aircraft technician
Aircraft technician: One trained in maintenance and repair of aircraft
Alburnum: The white and softer part of wood, between the inner bark andthe hard wood or duramen sapwood.
Alder: A tree, usually growing in moist land, and belonging to thegenus Alnus. The wood is used by turners, etc. the bark by dyers andtanners. In the U. S. the species of
Almug algum
Almug algum: A tree or wood of the Bible (2 Chron. ii. 8 1 K. x. 11).Note: Most writers at the present day follow Celsius, who takes it tobe the red sandalwood of China a
Aloe: pl. The wood of the agalloch. [Obs.] Wyclif. (Bot.) A genus of succulent plants, some classed as trees, others asshrubs, but the greater number having the habit and
American Automobile Association
American Automobile Association: Organization which provides emergency road repairs (including towing, gas delivery, etc.)
Amvis: An explosive consisting of ammonium nitrate, a derivative ofnitrobenzene, chlorated napthalene, and wood meal.
Analemma: (Chem.) An orthographic projection of the sphere on the plane of themeridian, the eye being supposed at an infinite distance, and in theeast or west point of th
Andiron: A utensil for supporting wood when burning in a fireplace, onebeing placed on each side a firedog as, a pair of andirons.
Anemosis: A condition in the wood of some trees in which the rings areseparated, as some suppose, by the action of high winds upon thetrunk wind shake.
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