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Listing: The act or process of one who lists (in any sense of the verb) as, the listing of a door the listing of a stock at the Stock Exchange. The selvedge of cloth list
Live oak
Live oak: Evergreen oak native of Mexico and southern United States hard and long-lasting wood of this tree
Lixivial: Impregnated with, or consisting of, alkaline salts extracted from wood ashes impregnated with a salt or salts like a lixivium. Boyle. Of the color of lye resemb
Lixiviate lixivited
Lixiviate lixivited: Of or pertaining to lye or lixivium of the quality of alkaline salts. Impregnated with salts from wood ashes. Boyle.
Lixivium: A solution of alkaline salts extracted from wood ashes hence, any solution obtained by lixiviation.
Loblolly pine
Loblolly pine: Evergreen tree native to the southern United States that has very long and thin needles wood of the loblolly pine tree
Locust: (Zo?l.) Any one of numerous species of long-winged, migratory, orthopterous insects, of the family Acridid?, allied to the grasshoppers esp., (Edipoda, or Pachyty
Log-ship: The heartwood of a tree (H?matoxylon Campechianum), a native of South America, It is a red, heavy wood, containing a crystalline substance called h?matoxylin, a
Longicornia: A division of beetles, including a large number of species, in which the antenn? are very long. Most of them, while in the larval state, bore into the wood o
Loop back
Loop back: Chair that has one piece of wood in the back that is bent into a horseshoe shape and attached to the seat
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