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Black cherry
Black cherry: Large North American cherry tree that bears black cherries fruit of the black cherry tree hard reddish brown wood of the black cherry tree used in the furn
Blackwood: Family name William Blackwood (1776-1834), Scottish publisher and editor name of a village in New Jersey (USA)
Block: To obstruct so as to prevent passage or progress to preventpassage from, through, or into, by obstructing the way used bothof persons and things often followed by
Block print
Block print: Print made by stamping ink onto a surface using carved blocks of wood or metal (Art)
Bloodstick: A piece of hard wood loaded at one end with lead, and used tostrike the fleam into the vein. Youatt.
Bloodwood: A tree having the wood or the sap of the color of blood.Note: Norfolk Island bloodwood is a euphorbiaceous tree (Baloghialucida), from which the sap is collect
Bodywork: Repair work on the body of a vehicle any of several "hands-on therapies (such as massage, shiatsu, reflexology, etc.)
Bogwood: The wood of trees, esp. of oaks, dug up from peat bogs. It isof a shining black or ebony color, and is largely used for makingornaments.
Bois durci
Bois durci: A hard, highly polishable composition, made of fine sawdustfrom hard wood (as rosewood) mixed with blood, and pressed.
Boldo boldu
Boldo boldu: A fragrant evergreen shrub of Chili (Peumus Boldus). The barkis used in tanning, the wood for making charcoal, the leaves inmedicine, and the drupes are eate
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